A Study in Emerald

The Expected Guests

The remaining samurai that have been accepted by the Junghar army were sent on a simple errand where they were to meet with Lion clan envoys and Mantis clan envoys in the town of Mizu Miura and to escort them to Shiro Shinjo. The trip was without problems and they arrived in the bustling merchant city of Mizu Miura well know for its main resource: pearls. Mizu Miura lies south of a very large lake rumored to be inhabited by ningyo (mermaids). Talks around town say that the ningyo provide the pearls that the town gets and there were rumors from back then that eating a ningyo would give one immortality. 

The unicorn samurai saw the lion bushi out in the marketplace browsing wares from the market place and swiftly approached them. The shugenja introduced himself and exchanged pleasantries with the lion bushi. The bodyguard of the shugenja wasn't as welcoming as his companion and gave a slight bow to the lion bushi. The lion bushi looked surprised and was caught offguard but she remained composed and thought it was nothing. Later on, the unicorn were introduced to the envoy who was resting at a nearby inn, she wasn't feeling well and she decided to rest. The unicorn patrol group that was sent to search for bandits arrived in town and the Ide courtier decided to complete his duty by giving the letter that was assigned to him to the town governor. Afterwards he met up with his other companions at the inn. The next morning he received news from a message carrier that his guests have arrived at Shiro Shinjo and that the Mantis envoy will not be able to make it since they had urgent matters to attend to. The group escorted the Lion bushi and the envoy all the way to Shiro Shinjo.



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