Ide Minami

Unicorn clan emissary that is sent to represent the Unicorn clan in various matters all across the lands of Rokugan


Ide Emissary 2
Insight Rank 2 / 173 Insight
Honor: 5.5 Glory: 1 Status: 2

Earth: 3, Stamina: 3, Willpower: 3 Air: 3, Reflexes: 3, Awareness: 4 Water: 2, Strength: 2, Perception: 4 Fire: 3, Agility: 3, Intelligence: 3 Void: 2

High Skills
Calligraphy (Intelligence) 2
Courtier (Awareness) 5
Etiquette (Awareness) 5, Emphases: Conversation – 1
Sincerity (Awareness) 5, Emphases: Honesty – 1
Investigation (Perception) 3, Emphases: Notice – 1

Bugei Skills:
Horsemanship (Agility) 4
Kenjutsu (Agility) 3
Iaijutsu (Reflexes) 3

Merchant Skills
Commerce (Intelligence) 2

Advantages & Disadvantages:
Clear Thinker: additional 1k0 when contesting a roll meant to confuse her


Ide Minami is a woman of few words. She thinks carefully of what she says as to not offend others. She is not used to the ways of the Rokugani due to her mixed culture environment in Unicorn lands but knows of the cultures and traditions and tries to not offend someone. She easily gets lost but insists on traveling alone on her horse to various places she is sent to represent her clan. She was trained by her peers in the art of using the sword in the event she has need to defend herself.

Ide Minami

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