Asako Hounnouji

Student of the Current Maser of Fire.


Isawa Tensai/Asako Inquisitor.

Honor 5 Status: 4 Glory: 2

Spells She’s known to have:
Legacy of Kaze no Kami, Fires from Within, Light of the Sun

Hounnouji usually wears black robes with a red Phoenix haori. She carries a wakizashi and a Bisento when she travels.

While she presents herself as a relatively quiet person , she is actually straightforward and generally speaks with a sharp and pointed tone, a trait that has gotten her in trouble a number of times. Despite being incredibly beautiful she comes off as creepy as she likes to walk around with eyes closed, yet somehow managing to navigate perfectly. Some Attribute it to her closeness with the Kami, and some say she was born with an inner gift.


She and her twin sister as part of the Asako delegation sent to ensure that the Hoshi Matsuri goes well.

She presented the local lord, Nani Yoh, with a gift from her family, a sacred weapon – inquisitors strike.

Asako Hounnouji

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